Happy Spring!

By Vladimir Brezina

The Spring Equinox occurred early this morning. We are now officially—although it’s felt like it already for weeks—into Spring!

Here’s a preview of coming attractions. These photos were taken in New York’s Central Park in 2007… in late April. This year we’ll probably see these fruit trees bloom in a week or two—almost a month earlier!

More photos from Spring 2007 are here.

7 responses to “Happy Spring!

  1. Every season each year is different from past seasons. Some phenomena are rarities but we don’t understand that they are at the time. I once saw cloud formations over Cape Cod bay that were very striking — I took some photos and thought “I come here often — I’ll have another opportunity to see these again.” Well I have never seen them again. That was in 1983.


  2. Remarkable how early everything is happening this year. Your photos are gorgeous.I love seeing buildings, the urban environment, through the leaves and blossoms.


    • Yes, that’s what attracted me too. That day, especially along Fifth Avenue—light-colored stone glimpsed through the lattice of white fruit-tree blossoms. Here’s another photo of that series:


  3. What beautiful blossoms! Happy Spring!


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