Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Joy.

Kids have no trouble finding Joy.

IMGP3106 cropped smallIMGP3110 cropped smallIMGP3114 cropped small

Adults sometimes have to work at it…

IMGP3093 cropped small

Figment NYC 2011. A writeup with more photos is here.

25 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy

  1. Ha! Great take on the challenge.


  2. How very true! oh for those carefree joyous days to return once again! Nice shot!


  3. wow!… what a fun day…People expressing…you could tell!


  4. I can’t help but smile looking at the photos.Joyful indeed!


  5. gorgeous colors! well done!


  6. So true Vladimir! Happy New Year to you!


  7. Happy New Year! May next year be a good year.


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  9. Happy New Year 2014 !!


  10. So, two joyful posts in a row, Vlad. Love these too. :)


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  12. Happy New Year everyone!


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