Bountiful, New York Style

By Vladimir Brezina

The Pigeon Lady, today in Rat Park—

Feeding the pigeons
Feeding the pigeons
... and the squirrels!

A contribution to Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge, Bountiful. Another contribution is here.

23 responses to “Bountiful, New York Style

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  2. super cool shots – and actually the contrast between the pigeon lady and the sharp dressed man is just fantastic – and I am so glad two of the shots included this man – and actually the third one has part of him – but the two worlds of these subjects adds so much – like her belongings and his book… her hair and his beard – her disheveled feel and his formal attire – both have glasses and both interact with the birds – and both are together – such a humanity shot too –

    PS I just kept looking for the tip of your kayak – but I guess you got so close to the water’s edge you were able to capture this without a paddle in view either (just kidding)


    • I am really happy you appreciate it! I took many more photos but chose these three to make a little story out of it. We sat there for many minutes and watched them feeding the birds and squirrels… It was quite a performance, in its own little quiet way… very New York! :-)


  3. that little squirrel just came out of nowhere! what a great set of photos.


  4. Great sequence. It tells the story.


  5. Lovely strip, shades of Mary Poppins (Feed the birds, tuppence a bag). Clever little squirrel, drawing the gentleman into the activity.
    Clever Vlad – and no doubt Johna too – giving us this story in pictures.


  6. Mary Poppins and Bert grown old together?
    Nah. Maybe?


  7. there really is a Pigeon Lady”…how wonderful…and the photos were awesome


  8. Okay, I’m going to be humming Mary Poppins’ “Feed the Birds” all day long, Vlad :)


  9. I too thought “Mary Poppins” when I saw this. Great post.


  10. what great set of action photos.


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  12. I know these two; the man is her son. Unfortunately they do not live in the neighborhood any longer; so the birds are missing their food.


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