By Vladimir Brezina

A rainbow of colors keeping the winter gloom at bay

VibrantCentral Park, New York City

A contribution to this week’s Photo Challenge, Vibrant.

27 responses to “Vibrant

  1. Vibrant? You bet!


  2. That could have been the mofif von one of Pieter Brueghel’s winter landscapes.


  3. Love this vibrant scene! Yaz


  4. Knew you’d have something stunning ~ thank you!

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  5. Johna Till Johnson

    Vlad, was that from this past snowfall?


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  7. So many people out in the snow. Looks like they aren’t afraid of the cold. Happy winter, it’s almost over for you :)


  8. That could almost be at our park….years ago when we had snow!


  9. I love this. Although I generally dislike crowds there is something comforting in this happy scene.


  10. Truly is.


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  12. Great shot and a perfect choice for this challenge! Looks like these New Yorkers took a break from the typical NYC basic black attire. :-)


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