By Vladimir Brezina

As they meet to negotiate, both sides are optimistic. Unfortunately, it’s not a win-win situation…


For the outcome, see here.

A contribution to this week’s Photo Challenge, Optimistic.

36 responses to “Optimistic

  1. maybe
    just maybe
    the crab wins
    this time :-)


  2. Gorgeous photo, though.


  3. I’m sure we’ve all felt like that crab in our time.


  4. Fabulous shot and interpretation Vlad! :-)


  5. Ouch! I felt for that crab. Brilliant pictures.


  6. Great shot! Did you all miss the storm? Too bad – I was looking forward to photos! ;-)


    • I do have a lot of snowstorm pictures, from this year and previous years. In fact so many that I am not looking forward at all to the processing that still has to be done—but it will happen one of these days ;-)


  7. Haha too funny! My first thoughts were “not looking optimistic for the crab”. Being a cancerian my solemn condolences to the poor creature!


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  9. What a candidate for the theme !!!

    Superb one, Vladimir :)

    I couldn’t resist the link to ‘outcome’ and followed it, the result was expected though :)

    Thank you so much for sharing and have a beautiful day ahead :)


  10. Perfect for the theme. I followed the link and would vote for a different ending, but it was very enjoyable storytelling!


  11. great moment you captured!


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