Full Moon Rising over Hell Gate

By Vladimir Brezina

Last night, as a lavender dusk settled over Hell Gate

a pale shell of the full moon rose up among the high buildings

then shone white in the deepening blue sky

as the bright lights of the Second Avenue construction came on

6 responses to “Full Moon Rising over Hell Gate

  1. thanks for showing me the beauty of the city, all the lights and the sunset, beautiful, MJ


    • You are welcome, MJ! Yes, we see some spectactular light effects at dusk and especially at dawn and sunrise. I missed some of the best ones as I didn’t have my camera handy—unforgivable in a photographer! :-)—but here’s one:


  2. Beautiful series of photos!


  3. Beautiful full moon photos!


    • Thanks, Fergiemoto! Unfortunately, I came too late to catch the moon just rising above the horizon, no doubt appearing absolutely huge and perfectly placed just behind the Hell Gate Bridge :-(… Well, next time!


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