A Civilized Way to See New York Harbor

By Vladimir Brezina

Aboard Bateaux New York‘s boat Celestial for a sunset dinner cruise


We’ve seen the Celestial cruising around the harbor many times from our kayaks, but this is quite a different experience ;-)

Cruising up the Hudson

Plenty of opportunities for selfies with the Manhattan skyline


There go our kayaking buddies!

Kayaking buddies

The Manhattan skyline in the dusk

Manhattan skyline in the dusk

… and round the Battery for more photo-ops in the East River

In the East River

21 responses to “A Civilized Way to See New York Harbor

  1. Looks fantastic! I’ve had dinner on one of the bateau in Paris. Perhaps New York next?


    • The company says that the Celestial was indeed modeled after the dinner boats that one sees in European waterways—Paris does come to mind! The Celestial is basically a flat, floating restaurant with huge windows that provide a great view. There are plenty of more traditionally shaped boats in New York Harbor that also do dinner cruises, but the experience there isn’t quite the same…

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  2. looks extra special!
    here i thought
    a little kayak was
    the civilized way :-)


  3. great photos, no doubts, I’m sure everybody would have a nice time there http://www.purplelipsandwidehips.wordpress.com


  4. great photos. I pinned a couple of them to my New York City board on Pinteret.


  5. That looks like a spectacular evening. :-)


  6. A different angle this time! Nice!


  7. what a lovely way to spend the evening!


  8. An enchanted evening! It’s a glorious way to see New York.Thank you for allowing me to live vicariously.


  9. totally different perspective! what a lovely evening!


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