Celebrating the Fourth

By Vladimir Brezina

Last night, with martinis in hand, we went up on the roof of our building to watch NYC’s Independence Day fireworks.

Conditions were not ideal for photography. From our building on the Upper East Side, it is several miles to where the fireworks were fired off in the Hudson River. At the last minute, we were chased away by the building staff from the part of the roof that offered the best view. Where we ended up, among a crowd of our neighbors, the tripod had to be so precariously balanced on a narrow ledge that it became a bipod. Directly in front was a pipe obstructing the view. The remote control failed to work…


(click on any photo to start slideshow)


29 responses to “Celebrating the Fourth

  1. These pix are fantastic, and caught under conditions of such photographic adversity. Where there’s a will…


  2. Thanks for sharing – we had a beautiful day that turned into a monsoon :(


  3. nutsfortreasure

    Still just as pretty against the night sky.


  4. These are wonderful. (I like that you use a Nikon D series. I use a Nikon D60). Seriously great pics here with perfect timing considering your distance and not-so-ideal conditions.


  5. Mad Queen Linda

    Pesky building staff.


  6. Lovely photos, Vlad!


  7. marvelous pics


  8. It sounds like a lot of effort, but your photos are as spectacular as the fireworks themselves.


  9. These are spectacular, Vlad! I love the way you captured the movement of light in many of them. We don’t go to see fireworks anymore; our dog is so terrified from the “personal” fireworks that go off in our neighborhood that we stay home and watch them later on TV – ah, love.


  10. Oh …WOW… looks great!


  11. Wonderful New York


  12. Great job! Great photos!


  13. Marvellous pictures and thanks for providing the information of the photos!


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