Spring Has Sprung, Seemingly

By Vladimir Brezina

Contrary to the Groundhog’s prediction (he is right only 39% of the time, after all), the season seem to be well advanced into Spring.

In New York City, temperatures are reaching into the 60s or even 70s each day. Crocuses and daffodils are out, two or three weeks earlier than usual. Even some fruit trees are beginning to flower in Central Park. Nobody expects Winter to come back any more.

Yesterday, I inspected “our” patch of land in the park. Since late November, it’s been lying dormant under a thick blanket of dry leaves. We have visited it dutifully but without much expectation. But now, all of a sudden, it has sprung to life!

Among the dry leaves, pushing up vigorously, is an abundant crop of blue, purple, and white crocuses

with dazzling yellow-orange centers.

Wait, was that a bee?!

Yes, indeed! The first bee since that memorable Indian Summer day last October.

Looking closer, I see other insects too. Some are sitting, to my eye still a bit lethargically, on last year’s detritus…

… but others are busy inspecting the crocus flowers

and drinking their nectar.

I watch as the bees, covered in yellow pollen and carrying large pollen clumps under their bodies, flit from flower to flower…

A thousand little signs tell me that Spring has Sprung!

17 responses to “Spring Has Sprung, Seemingly

  1. Even Riverside Park, always a little later than Central, is full of daffodils, crocuses, snowdrops & buds … hard to believe that we sometimes have serious snowstorms in April.


  2. This might be the peak of beauty all year for your little patch of land.


  3. purple and yellow the 1st colors of spring


  4. Oh, I love these photos! Crocus are so important as a first source of nectar for bees in the spring; I always have some blooming here along with other early nectar sources. Early daffodils are starting to open up; let’s face it, spring is early this year by about 3-4 weeks. Enjoy :-)


  5. Spectacular! I am looking forward to a visit to Conservatory Garden soon…


    • The tulip show is coming up at some point soon (especially if everything is weeks early this year), but to my mind the Conservatory Garden is much more spectacular still when the crab-apple alley is in blossom…


  6. Wonderful photos, Vlad. The bottom two of the pollen-coated bees are fabulous. xxx


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