By Vladimir Brezina

In the early spring, crocuses are just details in the bare landscape—

Details 1

and yet, on closer inspection, each flower reveals among its petals a host of insects, each a detailed world of its own—

Details 2
Details 3(more photos are here)

This was in early March 2012, a year in which spring came very early. Let’s hope that, in spite of some groundhogs’ predictions, it comes soon this year too…

A contribution to Ailsa’s travel-themed Photo Challenge, Details, and also a second contribution to The Daily Post’s Photo Challenge, Scale. The first contribution was here.

41 responses to “Details

  1. Gorgeous photos. Have you seen the cartoon with the photo of the wolf, and he says the groundhog predicted six more weeks of winter so he ate him? Even though I’m an animal lover, I did laugh myself silly. :-)


  2. Amazing! Wonderful photos. Crocus is the very first sign of spring in my area. I love them. :)


  3. I love the flowers…. The colors radiate in to my morning :-)


  4. How beautiful! I’m ready for spring too. There was snow last week and yesterday morning, the de-icer that I sprayed on my car windshield froze! I had to de-ice my de-icer! :-) But today the weather is milder and spring flowers are beginning to emerge.

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    • Johna Till Johnson

      De-icing the de-icer! Precious. And what a reminder of how fierce winter can be. Just think: In a few more days we’ll be just one month away from Spring. Two-thirds of the way through winter (and more than ready for it to be done!)

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  5. gorgeous!- spring can’t come soon enough :)


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  7. I loved seeing the detail. The insects were not what I expected to see but provided an incredible richness to your photos.



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  9. Hey Vladimir, didn’t know you were a flower guy! Nicely done!


  10. Early sounds really good. Unlikely, but wonderful.


  11. you had me wondering for a minute how all that snow could have vanished and given way to flowers so quickly. I see the fly in the first photo, what a great job you did zooming on it!


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  13. I love the hidden world of macrophotography. I love that their are worlds withing other worlds for us to discover. Beautiful images..:)

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  14. *there and *within I should check my comments before I press send! :)

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  15. stunning photos! :)


  16. Yeah! No crocuses up here, just 6 feet of snow. I was in your neck of the woods last weekend, and gazing out at the pretty Bronx River from a metro north train. Do you ever Kayak there?


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