Travel Theme: Flow

By Vladimir Brezina

Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge this week is Flow.

No doubt you thought, us being kayakers and all, you would see in this post flowing water. But in New York City there’s plenty of flow on land…

IMGP3106 cropped smallFigment art festival.

IMGP0645 cropped smallDSC_0141 cropped smallSnow.

DSC_0111 cropped small

DSC_0125 cropped small 5

Skaters in Central Park.

Entering the subway

Descending into the subway.

48 responses to “Travel Theme: Flow

  1. A fun change of pace. :)


  2. You’ve got some really lovely artistic shots here! I love the take on the theme.


  3. These are splendid, and yes of course I thought you’d have some watery scenes. Especially like the second from the top. It reminds me of the famouse Breugel winter scene.


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  5. Those last two shots look like paintings, Vlad!


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    Soooo different for you Vlad. Spectacular as an impressionist body of work.


  8. Beautiful pictures. Thank You for sharing.


  9. I especially liked “Descending Into the Subway.”


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  12. The last shot is very interesting, having seen that exact scene so many times, your photo does capture the feeling.


  13. I love the way you made the movement.


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  15. The end ones are great, as someone else commented, impressionistic..


  16. I love it…crowd flow!


  17. Some great examples of flow here. Its good to venture outside of the box. You are right, I thought I was going to see a water themed photo.:)


  18. I like the dynamism of that second skating picture.


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  20. The 2 skaters shots are seriously good Vlad. Love them.


  21. True, and not almost a genre. It wás a genre.


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