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Thank You, NYC Swim

By Vladimir Brezina

IMGP7910 cropped small 2Unlike Johna, I’ve been reluctant to write too much about myself on Wind Against Current. Who would want to read that stuff?  And now I don’t have to write anything—NYC Swim has done it for me.

In each issue of their Cross Currents Newsletter, they profile a particular swimmer, or sometimes a volunteer, such as a kayaker, who has worked extensively with them. And so the latest issue of the newsletter features a piece entitled Volunteer of the Week: Vladimir Brezina

It’s got something about what I do when I am not kayaking, or blogging. So, if you want to read such stuff, there it is! :-)


By Vladimir Brezina

Last night we had a minor bit of fun awaiting the “super” Supermoon.

We looked up the time of moonrise—8:40 PM, just after sunset. And we looked up the direction in which the Moon should appear at moonrise—115 degrees true. This number was very pleasing, since it happens to be more or less the direction in which our apartment looks out over the East River.

But our view of the horizon is by no means complete. There are quite a few tall buildings around ours that block the view. Would the moon rise behind one of these, or in a gap between them? I suppose we could have gotten out the compass… But we preferred to wait and be surprised.

And there is was! It appeared in one of the gaps.

Astronomical predictions are wonderful, but you also need luck…

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