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Photography 101: Viewing the World with a Photographer’s Eye, I

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This is the second installment of Photography 101.

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The Daily Post

Ming Thein introduces his four fundamentals of photography — from composition to light — and the elements of a great photograph.

Simply put, Ming pushes you to think about photography . . . like a photographer.

_RX100_DSC2614b copy
Ginza, Tokyo. Sony RX100. (I include camera info to demonstrate that it really doesn’t matter what you use.)

When I was asked to write for the Daily Post, I admit I was a little worried about the magnitude of the task at hand: ultimately my own site is very much about what goes into the creation of outstanding images. And that’s a 600+ article, 1.3-million-word work in progress. That’s obviously not going to fit into the length of your average post, so today I’m going to throw the rulebook out of the window and start again. I encourage you to do the same: regardless of your experience with photography, do the same…

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Photography 101: Introduction & Philosophy

Over the next few months, Cheri Lucas at WordPress’s The Daily Post will be running a series of posts, entitled Photography 101, by various photographers focusing on different aspects of the art and craft of photography specifically for bloggers. Judging by the first two installments that have already been published—and not just because I’ve been asked to contribute later on ;-)—it will be a great series. So I thought I would reblog each installment as it comes out here on Wind Against Current.

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The Daily Post

As recently mentioned, we’re excited to present a series devoted to photography and visual storytelling. We’ve rounded up talented photographers in our community to introduce the essentials, as well as their tips and tricks.

Our community is made up of all levels of bloggers and photographers: some Daily Post readers are just beginning to blog or experiment with a camera, while some of you are ready to sharpen your visual eye, hone your photography skills (whether on a film or dSLR or mobile phone camera), and think about blogging visually.

Simply put, there will be something for everyone in this series, and we’re excited for our guest photographers to share their ideas and techniques. But before we roll up our sleeves, let’s talk about the philosophy of photography, and why we take photographs.

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