Daily Archives: June 28, 2013

Travel Theme: Sculpture

By Vladimir Brezina

IMGP2678 cropped smallAilsa’s travel-themed photo challenge this week is Sculpture.

Her own examples start with man-made sculptures, but conclude with her “favourite sculptures [that] come from the natural world… sculpted by wind… and water…”

Here is a sculpture that we came across recently that seems poised between the two worlds, being both man-made and sculpted by natural forces, wind, water, and sun…

IMGP2532 cropped smallIMGP2635 cropped smallIMGP2766 cropped smallIMGP2751 cropped smallIMGP2799 cropped small

And in the morning…

IMGP8345 cropped small

On North Captiva Island, Florida, during our kayak trip down the Gulf Coast of Florida in April (see here and here).

And speaking of beach sculptures, check out this one, courtesy of our friends 2 Geeks @ 3 Knots!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable, Take Two

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Companionable. One interpretation was here; here’s another one.

In the bird world, as in the human—

DSC_0043 cropped small

DSC_0240 cropped small

CompanionableDSC_0534 cropped small


NOT companionableDSC_0499 cropped small 2

Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Companionable.

Rafted up companionably for lunch…

IMGP4486 cropped smallIMGP1105 cropped smallIMGP5105 cropped small

Another interpretation of “Companionable” is here.