Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable, Take Two

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Companionable. One interpretation was here; here’s another one.

In the bird world, as in the human—

DSC_0043 cropped small

DSC_0240 cropped small

CompanionableDSC_0534 cropped small


NOT companionableDSC_0499 cropped small 2

65 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable, Take Two

  1. Great! My cats do often the same, but three in a row ;) . LG Anja


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  3. Reblogged this on an eternal whim and commented:
    I like this theme. I like to consider myself quite companionable. Come one, come all. Companionship.


  4. Awesome. Absolutely love these!


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  6. Always enjoy your pictures Vlad – thanks for sharing another view of this challenge – really like the 1st round as well! :) Having a great companion to journey through life…well, there’s nothing quite like it!
    Have a great week-end!


  7. Wow!! I love it! :)


  8. Love the pelicans! They’re some of my favorite birds because I associate them so much with the beach!


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  10. I lov these photos. Just brilliant. Especially the pelicans


  11. Well, in animal (especially bird)’s world, competitors are part of live. So, in this sense, I really think that last picture is suitable for companionable.
    Excellent serie Vladimir!


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  13. Veronica Roth

    How nice to have someone fly beside you thru life. Nicely done Vladimir. Every time I come to catch up with you I want to go out on my Kayak! :)


  14. Lovely pictures. Makes me want to be there.


  15. As always, beautiful photos!


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  17. Kick to the head! (in the last photo). Love the pelicans!


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  19. nutsfortreasure

    BRAVO I nearly did the same kind of post :)


  20. really great shots!


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  22. Awwww. Very cute and then YIKES! He must have tried to get ‘fresh’. (Ha! Does that phrase date me?)


  23. exuberant companionship thanks vlad!


  24. They’re great!


  25. love the pelicans. :)


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  28. Wonderful interpretation!


  29. Especially common among birds, a bunch of whom mate for life. Geese, swans, others for better marriages than we humans.


  30. The first four pairs of birds are ready for Noah’s Ark. :)
    I think it’s clever that you included “not companionable” too.
    Thank you for viewing my photo blog for this week’s challenge. I’m glad you liked it. Please visit again soon!


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  32. Aww … they look so fluffy. Nice pix’s


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