Travel Theme: Sculpture

By Vladimir Brezina

IMGP2678 cropped smallAilsa’s travel-themed photo challenge this week is Sculpture.

Her own examples start with man-made sculptures, but conclude with her “favourite sculptures [that] come from the natural world… sculpted by wind… and water…”

Here is a sculpture that we came across recently that seems poised between the two worlds, being both man-made and sculpted by natural forces, wind, water, and sun…

IMGP2532 cropped smallIMGP2635 cropped smallIMGP2766 cropped smallIMGP2751 cropped smallIMGP2799 cropped small

And in the morning…

IMGP8345 cropped small

On North Captiva Island, Florida, during our kayak trip down the Gulf Coast of Florida in April (see here and here).

And speaking of beach sculptures, check out this one, courtesy of our friends 2 Geeks @ 3 Knots!

42 responses to “Travel Theme: Sculpture

  1. Very atmospheric photos, Vladimir.


  2. Have never been to Captiva. Hubby and I need to go there!


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  5. Looks like the forts us kids used to make up by Ely MN in boundary waters…


    • Yes, it could have been…

      I think it probably had some purpose originally, as some kind of marker for fishermen or boats out on the Gulf… that beach is long and pretty featureless, and it was certainly a useful marker for Johna, who went out swimming, to know where to head back…

      A marker, but then creatively embellished.

      Alternatively, of course, it was assembled from locally available materials by some kids just hanging out on the beach waiting a very long time for the sunset…


  6. Veronica Roth

    I love that tepee Vladimir. Did you go sit in it? I couldn’t have resisted. :)


  7. Too bad, am willing it to walk just like the link you gave us, Jansen’s. Thank you!


  8. Love the changing light and skies. Nice.



    The low light is perfect Vlad.


  10. love the sculpture and the light you photographed it in.


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  12. That’s my favorite kind of sculpture.


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  14. Looks very primitive. Cool. :-)


  15. North Captiva is our favorite beach. The southern end is usually nearly deserted since it is a bridge less island and reachable only by boat.


    • It was nearly deserted—we saw a group walking along the beach at sunset, and then a couple of people in the morning. That was it, except for a lone sailor who had anchored his big sailboat in the furthest corner of the bay into which we headed, a spot which he said he visited often for privacy–which was diminished by our arrival. But he was very nice about it :-)

      This was Foster Bay, about half-way up the island, which we had identified before the trip from Google Maps as a likely camping spot—a sandy beach with no development. And that it certainly was, in spectacular fashion.

      We had a hard time paddling into the bay, actually, because the water was so shallow, even for kayaks. When you see birds standing in the water with only their feet wet, that’s not a good sign. But a deeper channel is marked on the chart, and the sight of the sailboat in the bay encouraged us to find the deeper channel. If a sailboat can make it in, kayaks surely can… The next morning the water was higher, so there was no problem getting out.


  16. I like how you photographed the “sculpture” at varying times of the day and at different angles. It showcased the beach.


    • We were there for quite some time, from late afternoon to early morning of the next day, camping on the beach. Nothing much to do except wander around, swim in the sea, and take pictures :-)


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  18. Love your take on the theme.


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  20. Love Captiva …. been there many times.
    The sculpture …. interesting. I wonder what the creator of it had in mind.
    Great entry …


    • Not sure what it was… looking at some other people’s entries, it could been a frame for a beach shelter, but it was really too small and with no clear interior space. Then of course embellished by colorful beach detritus… :-)


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