Travel Theme: Decoration

By Vladimir Brezina

Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge this week is Decoration.

Inspecting the decorations at the 2012 and 2013 Tugboat Races—

Tattoo decorations 1
Tattoo decorations 2
Tattoo decorations 3
Tattoo decorations 4

We look forward to this year’s North River Tugboat Race & Competition!

35 responses to “Travel Theme: Decoration

  1. Always amazes me how few make any sort of imaginative use of the nipple!


  2. Johna Till Johnson

    The look on the female coast guard officer’s face makes me wonder… did you ever get a photo of that rather, ahem, outre’ tattoo that I seem to recall? Speaking of nipples, I think it was a buxom mermaid…


  3. This was great! Such a fan of ink!


  4. What a creative take on the theme Vlad .Some intense decoration to be sure.


  5. I am no friend of tatoos but your pics and interpretation is great!


  6. Try as I may… no, not for me… there’s no decorative effect! Anyway, good to get the debate going! ;-)


  7. Wow! I wonder if it hurts a lot. :?


  8. I am no fan of tatoos but good interpretation of the challenge. Those hurts!


  9. My one tatoo doesn’t compare wit these…but, love the art!…and the one I have!…matches my Granddaughters …we got it when she turned 18 and I was 64…


  10. Not yet seen the tattoo that is as pretty as my skin; keeping an open mind.


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  12. Yeuch! Not my scene…though…I do like a particular tattoo as in taps and toes in Edinburgh, an annual event to attend at least once in a lifetime.


  13. Couldn’t find the accent – and missed the space. Ah! Age! Sorry and all that


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  15. I love your interpretation of this theme. Great pics!


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