Wild New Yorkers

By Vladimir Brezina

To survive and to thrive in the big city, it sometimes seems that New York City’s wildlife has diversified to fill much the same niches as the city’s human inhabitants…

Some specialize in being decorative

Some are charming hustlers

Others still are quick small-time opportunists

The hustlers just won’t take no for an answer!

Many establish societies, in plain sight yet with their own secret rules, in the interstices of the city

But all come to watch the sunset along the river…

(All photos taken yesterday in Central and Riverside Parks, Manhattan.)

15 responses to “Wild New Yorkers

  1. My hubby liked the duck – vibrant!


  2. Wood Ducks are rare, pigeons and squirrels not so much. You Vladimir have made each of them special. Nature is everywhere — yes?


  3. Thanks, Frank! I try! Actually, I thought that the pigeons, which I don’t normally notice much, were rather elegant and even imposing in the evening light… birds suddenly to be taken seriously! ;-)


  4. fantastic fotos!!


  5. Wonderful photos, I have been loving this “creature” series of posts. Life around us is amazing, isn’t it?


  6. Fabulous, Vlad – that wood duck is just stunning. And as for the darling squirrels, are you stealing my mojo? xxx


  7. Fantastic photos… Glad to meet all my NY neighbors. ;-)


  8. Nicely captured wild-life.
    Here’s something I wrote about another wild-side of this city:


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