Daily Archives: February 7, 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ready

By Vladimir Brezina

Every week, I see many WordPress photographers take part in The Daily Post‘s Weekly Photo Challenge. The challenge is to present an image that captures the given word, idea, concept…

I feel a bit ambivalent about a challenge framed in this way. It certainly develops one’s skills as a photographer—certainly the skills that a professional photographer needs when handed an assignment. On the other hand, it’s almost the opposite of Johna’s project of developing the faculty of pure seeing, seeing whatever is at hand…

Having said that, this week’s Photo Challenge is Ready.

And I do have the perfect “Ready” shot! It involves, of course, a kayak.

This was the launch of a perfect trip

Update February 8, 2012: It’s very interesting to see how other photographers have interpreted “Ready”. My interpretation is perhaps not all that different from this one :-) But it is quite different from this one

Winter Dawn Over Manhattan From the Statue of Liberty

By Vladimir Brezina

At dawn, around 6:30 a.m. at this time of the year, the Statue of Liberty is, of course, closed to visitors. But it’s possible to see the dawn spread over New York Harbor and over Manhattan from the high-definition streaming webcam mounted high up in the Statue’s torch.

These photos span just 30 minutes as the new day arrives. A brightly-lit cruise ship makes its way up the harbor; early-morning ferries zip back and forth across the stretch of water between the Statue and Manhattan.

These photos were taken on Saturday, February 4, 2012—the day that Johna and I paddled out to Swinburne Island to see the seals. Early that morning, I was checking on the harbor conditions and watched, entranced, as this sequence unfolded…