Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Down. “We spend a lot of time looking ahead, looking from left to right before we cross the street, looking into the sky for Superman, but not a lot of time looking down. What do you see?”

As it happens, Johna recently posted some thoughts on that theme, and I added a few photos that could serve again here…

But what first popped into my head just now was quite a different sense of “Down”.

So here is “Down” in both senses!

21 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

  1. They are cute.

    I’ll have to go read Johna’s thoughts on down. I thought with you all being avid kayakers, you would have a picture of the sea water. That is something that I hadn’t expected when my husband got me into sea kayaking. I was amazed how much time I spent looking down at the creatures swimming below me.

    Still, baby ducks kind of beat that out any day. :)


  2. dianne - life as i see it

    beautiful :)


  3. That’s the cutest down … I love ducks and waterfowl..


  4. a very different perspective, thanks MJ


  5. They look so vulnerable, but still so cute!


  6. Very cute :) great entry for this weeks theme :)


  7. Brilliant. I just posted a bird pic too for the weekly photo challenge. We think alike!


  8. Thanks to everyone for these comments! The overwhelming concensus seems to be “cute” ;-)


  9. Beautiful post. Nice pictures.


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