Dawn and Sunrise in New York Harbor

By Vladimir Brezina

Yesterday I got up early to go kayaking with NYC Swim‘s Ederle Swim.  It was dark and cold. Why do these swims always begin so early? (Don’t tell me: time and tide wait for no man…)

But there was an unexpected bonus:  a prime view of a spectacular dawn and sunrise over New York Harbor, from the motorboat that transported us from Manhattan to Sandy Hook, NJ, for the start of the swim. A few photos:

(Click on photos to expand)

More photos from the motorboat ride are here. I’ll post a separate writeup of the swim itself later (update: it’s here).

6 responses to “Dawn and Sunrise in New York Harbor

  1. Just beautiful photos.


  2. that’s the payoff of these early events . . . spectacular light, and you caught it.


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