Travel Theme: Pink

By Vladimir Brezina

Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge this week is Pink.

In NYC’s Central Park not so long ago, pink was an artificial color.

Pink in Winter

But very soon now, it will grow on every tree—

DSC_0467 cropped smallDSC_0194 cropped small 2DSC_0191 cropped smallDSC_0481 cropped smallDSC_0074 cropped smallDSC_0505 cropped smallDSC_0374 cropped smallDSC_0379 cropped small

These photos were taken in April 2013. Hopefully, a preview of coming attractions!

Another classic NYC event, later on in June, at which pink is surely the ruling color is here.

39 responses to “Travel Theme: Pink

  1. Did you address or say hi to that someone with pink umbrella? :D


  2. I’m looking forward to spring blossoms too!


  3. That first picture is awesome!


  4. Pink looks beautiful in nature, terrific shots!


  5. Such gorgeous pictures! And I love the pink umbrella one! Looking forward to spring blooms!


  6. Perfect! I love the wonderful image of the umbrella!


  7. Lovely pinks!


  8. Beautiful pink! I’ve going to have to do a post on one of my favorite colors too.


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  10. love those blossoms, but the umbrella shot is just perfect


  11. Great pics! I love the flowering trees in the spring.


  12. Gorgeous! Makes me wish I could see Central Park this Spring when it’s in bloom. But, I’ll be snapping flower pics elsewhere & have yet to figure out how I can do nothing but travel. :-)

    Pink Umbrella shot is great!


  13. Wow, I had no idea the park got so full of blossom, never having been to NYC. Looks incredible.


    • For about a week it does. Usually in April sometime, but this year it will probably be later than usual. And that’s basically our spring. After that week, things go really fast. The park becomes lush seemingly overnight, and it seems already like summer… :-)


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  16. The blossom shots are wonderful but the one with the umbrella is my favorite. It could so easily be the photo for an Impressionist painting.



  17. I’m yet one more Love the Umbrella shot person!


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  19. The town I live in gets the most extraordinary flowering trees in spring. (It really is the best season to be here, though the town is always charming.) I’m so anxious for them to bloom, because there’s little I like better. :) Except, maybe, for a fancy pink umbrella!


  20. being at the right place at the right time is a key element to photography. Good for you for seeing this!


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