Happy Labor Day!

By Vladimir Brezina

… Labor Day, and (practically speaking) the beginning of Fall!

Here are a few celebratory photos taken at yesterday’s Great North River Tugboat Race & Competition. Lots more photos to come. (Last year’s are here.)

DSC_0114 cropped small DSC_0130 cropped small DSC_0139 cropped small

28 responses to “Happy Labor Day!

  1. Love these. Mahalo for sharing the true meaning of Labor Day with us.


  2. Wow that looks spectacular! Must have been quite a sight.


  3. Great shots, Vladimir! Love the red fire boat!


  4. Love the energy and exuberance. (hope that isn’t redundant) Great pic!


  5. wow! awesome pictures!


  6. These are great! Thanks for sharing!


  7. Lovely! Wish I could’ve been there again this year, but there was stuff that had to get done at work. Glad it didn’t pour the way it was supposed to – at least I was able to peek at the proceedings on Facebook while I chugged away at my chores.


    • It was a dark and dramatic day—at least until the sun started peeking out later on in the proceedings—which made the light a lot more interesting than last year. Too bad you couldn’t make it. Next year! :-)


  8. Spectacular! Looking forward to seeing the rest of your photos from race day!


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