Getting Together in the Park: A Photoessay

By Vladimir Brezina

With a white coat of freshly fallen snow hiding for the moment the drabness of winter, it was a bright, festive day in Central Park yesterday.



Everyone was out having fun!

Everyone was in a happy, outgoing mood. And so, more than usual, it was a day for getting together with other members of your species…

Dogs were doing it …

Sparrows were doing it …

(You might think that these sparrows, more than anything else, look cold.  Trust me, they were happy.)

Squirrels were doing it …

… playing hide and seek

One squirrel

Two squirrels

Three squirrels

Four squirrels

… a regular squirrels’ convention!

7 responses to “Getting Together in the Park: A Photoessay

  1. Great shots, love the 1-2-3-4 squirrel sequence! A fun post for a wintry day.


    • I’ve never seen a whole group of squirrels so involved with each other. They were high up in a tree—actually in several trees in succession—running madly around the trunk and jumping from branch to branch. Some of them had nuts in their paws. And they were squeaking loudly at each other :-)


  2. Oh this is just so much fun, those squirrel shots are fantastic and I love the doggy meetup! I wonder if we passed by each other in the park yesterday, xxx


    • Thanks, Ailsa! … that’s high praise, given how wonderful your squirrel shots are!

      We might well have been in the park at the same time, although I think you were more on the west side and I more on the east side :-)


  3. Your pics say it all!



    Yes indeedy a squirrel convention!


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