Travel Theme: Meeting Places

By Vladimir Brezina

Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge this week is Meeting Places.

Bethesda Terrace and Fountain in NYC’s Central Park—

Bethesda Fountain

where you can blow bubbles

Blow bubbles

get married

Get married

have a conversation

Have a conversation

row on the lake

Row on the lake

and dance discreetly

Dance discreetly

or not so discreetly

Dance not so discreetly

34 responses to “Travel Theme: Meeting Places

  1. you don’t have to pay for he conversation and you can sit on a sofa


  2. Great insights, looks like a wonderful place to be. Almost like die Domplatte in Cologne, in fron the iconic cathedral.


  3. a beautiful place too…


  4. ok…on bucket list…Central Park in NYC


  5. How fun! This is wonderful–something for everyone. Love it.


  6. What a marvelous series! And so illustrative for me of how the world has changed in 60 years.
    We grew up in New York in a world that was black and white by comparison. Not one of your photos would have been a possibility in these colorful and free ways!
    What immediately flashed for me was our 50’s meeting place in Manhattan, Under the Clock at the Biltmore. The hotel has long been demolished, and the Clock in the lobb went with it, and that whole scene of prim and proper, suited and gloved college students is gone with the snows of yesteryear.
    Yours is a lot more fun!


    • Yes, many things are gone, but new things are always replacing them. NYC, in particular, turns over so rapidly. And it always strikes me how the new thing always seems so unquestioningly modern—just the way that thing, whatever it is, simply is—while the old things, and the new things after just a few years, seem so dated and fixed in a particular past time :-)


  7. I particularly like the blowing bubbles!


  8. Like all the shots but ‘dance discreetly’ rather fires my imagination. It seems a little schoolchildishly naughty.


    • I hate to spoil it, but that, too, was a photoshoot—albeit a discreet one. I didn’t pay that much attention, but I am pretty sure the dancing couple had a photographer, quite far away with a long lens, and were striking various poses for the camera. The violinist was working independently :-)


  9. ….forgot to say….especially love it!


  10. absolute meeting place! lovely gallery of events!


  11. Beautiful shots, love visiting New York but would not want to live there! :)


  12. Love how the bubbles and the bride’s veil fan out in the wind!


  13. Another great post. I live in such a quiet Australian town it’s hard to imagine being in Central Park with so many people doing so many things. All side by side. If I danced with abandon in my local park I think our policeman ‘Coops’ would come down to see if I was OK!


    • The crowd makes all the difference. If you were doing it among a hundred (or a thousand) other people, you wouldn’t think twice about it. Of course, New York is full of people who don’t think twice, or possibly even once, about it even when they are doing it all by themselves in the middle of Times Square :-)


  14. Haha! Beautiful captures. I love that idea of “free conversation”. And that discreetly dancing couple is so cute :-)


  15. Very nice! There’s always something happening in Central Park. You could probably stay there one day, on the same spot, watch things change all around you, activities switching from one to the other :)


  16. Every time I visit your blog I’m reminded how much i miss nyc! We used to pop down all the time from shows and sometimes just to spend a few days eating great food! Love your choice of meeting conversation indeed…ONLY in NYC would you see something like that! (Try it down here in conservative Vero Beach and they’d haul you to the slammer for loitering!)


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