Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Fray.

Rival tugboats enter the fray in NYC’s Great North River Tugboat Race & Competition.

They engage in single combat…

Meagan Ann vs. Buchanan 1
Gage Paul Thornton vs. Vulcan III

… as well as a general melee

Four against one: the Millers surround Gage Paul Thornton!
A Miller melee

More photos from the 2012 and 2013 Races are here and here. And the 2014 Race is coming up in just one week, on Sunday, August 31st. We’ll be there!

51 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray

  1. Would love to be there. So cool.


  2. Interesting to see.


  3. Reblogged this on Hadel.


  4. Great piccies, Vlad ~ thanks!


  5. I like your visual interpretation of fray.


  6. vastlycurious.com

    Great interpretation. This one has me stumped. I am not getting your notifications Vlad…:(


    • But I am still getting yours, which is more important! :-)

      Yes, it seems to happen more often than it should. I’ve had to resubscribe to several WP blogs that got dropped from my list through no action of my own, and quite often I am surprised to be notified that a faithful follower of Wind Against Current is subscribing again, presumably for the same reason…


      • vastlycurious.com

        You were always one of my “first responders” so to speak, and I really appreciated it. I am here still and yes WP has deleted many of my contacts too.

        And no, I like to get yours too as deep water is a challenge for me ! (as you know)


  7. They really do this? How….physical…does it get? These shots are quite amazing!


    • Oh, it gets very physical. They don’t ram each other—that would ruin everyone’s day. But they do make contact, and push against each other as hard as they can. After all, that is what tugs are for :-)


  8. Aha. What a beautiful interpretation of fray through your lens! Lovely choice and superbly captured. Is this an annual event in NY?


  9. It must be so much fun to watch these races.



  10. wow- I don’t think I would want to be in the midst of this “fray”!


  11. Great action shots! Must be a fierce race :)


  12. Wow! Whole lot of action goin’ on here. Looks like an updated War of 1812!


  13. was kewl post-it till i gots to the bottom – ew yuk ; lol spinach eatin’ contest … tugboat warz 2 tugboat races though is very kewl :) Q


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  17. These photos are so exiting great motives and colors <3
    Happy Sunday to both of you, Hanna


  18. Somehow you always manage to find a watery response to the challenges Vladimir. I loved this one – well done!!


  19. Olga Brajnović

    Great pictures! So powerful. Lots of action. I would love to watch the race live. You gave me another reason to keep dreaming in coming back to New York.


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  21. cool action shots! do any of them ever sink?


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