Squirrels, and Skvirels

By Vladimir Brezina

Begging squirrel

On an overcast, dull winter day in NYC’s Central Park, there is not much color and nothing moves—except squirrels!

(click on any photo to start slideshow)

And who knew that the word “squirrel” was so hard to pronounce? See here—

So, for days now, Johna and I have been saying “skvirel” to each other :-)

35 responses to “Squirrels, and Skvirels

  1. Great shots (as you know I love photos of squirrels)


  2. when I was about 7 years old…we went to a park and I took my sister’s camera…”Black/white” film…Took the whole roll of film of squirrels!…she wasn’t too happy!


  3. So niedlich und so wunderschöne Bilder.

    LG Mathilda


  4. But he’s a cute maverick :)


  5. Those are great! What a little fluff ball!

    Do you ever read Steve Schwartzman’s blog, Portraits of a Wildflower? He has several squirrels that regularly appear outside his windows as he’s working on his photographs and they’re a hoot to see.



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  6. Far too charming for words and what a squirrely video! Too many grins to count,

    smiling toad


  7. Always love skvirels!


  8. The best squirrel pictures I’ve seen in years. And I’ve seen a lot!


  9. I’ll bet after pouring down a few at Oktoberfest, their tongues would loosen up enough to say the word SQUIRREL! One of the finest words in the English language along with SCIURINE….

    Love me some squirrel pics… great shots!


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  11. Lovely word! Lovely pictures which I shall squirrel away for future reference.
    Have fun, you two with your squiffy squirrel attempts for the day may come when teeth – of lack of – will determine pronunciation of many a word – enough to make you squeam in fact!


  12. I love squirrels- I have trained my cat that is only indoors to go to the windows to look for the squirrels and birds….all I say is birdie birdie quirrrly quirrls and he runs to the windows! I have also in my past trained them to come to our sliding glass doors for peanuts…Got to post photos of that!

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    • Johna Till Johnson

      Oh how wonderful. I always try (and fail) to remember to bring something to feed them to the park…. if you go “tk tk tk” at them they come right up, expecting to be fed.

      One friend has a lovely story of walking through Central Park on a cold, snowy night last year. She was accosted by a gang….

      … of ducks.

      Who came running up to her, quacking insistently, hoping to be fed. Apparently the animals in Central Park know to associate humans with food, particularly when it gets cold enough they can’t find it for themselves. (She said she went back with a loaf of bread).


  13. Lovely shots… I don’t see many squirrels in my area… I guess they don’t like Ft Lauderdale heat…


  14. Try pronouncing squirrel in German, it’s even worse actually:D


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