Rule of Thirds

By Vladimir Brezina

Another oldie but goodie… The red leaf conforms to the Rule of Thirds, and there is some colorful bokeh in the background—as requested by this week’s Photo Challenge, Rule of Thirds.

The red leaf

36 responses to “Rule of Thirds

  1. the bokeh is beautiful, but that red is absolutely brilliant.

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  2. Vladimir, excellent eye, and composition. Brillant repeat pattern in the bokeh branch’s reflection of foreground branch.


  3. Beautiful photo, Vlad. The red just pops!


  4. I love this, Vlad!



  5. wow- I love the intensity of the colours


  6. It is such a satisfying rule. Great example of it!


  7. beautiful – and nice take on the wpc


  8. Great!!! Not only the composition but also the light!!!!


  9. Love the vibrant colours in this and also the way the light shines through them. :)


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  11. Lovely example of both!


  12. Just beautiful.


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