By Vladimir Brezina


Here are a few shots from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where we escaped for a few days from NYC’s bone-chilling cold. (Of course, the cold was there waiting for us when we got back; the coldest day in recent memory is today.)

Some of these shots conform to the Rule of Thirds, this week’s Photo Challenge—even though I never consider this rule when shooting, and don’t like such rules in general :-)

10 responses to “Swimmers

  1. Apparently our weather has moved south. At least you missed the two gigantic blizzards. Followed by the deep freeze.


  2. Nice shots. Swimming is a life skill I think should be required in school. :-)


  3. I loved in Florida for around 25 years of my life and I did miss the seasons though too much cold is always just too much. Lived in AK too, near Mt. McKinley. -65 when my sister was born.. lol


  4. Rules have their place – and Sports photography is one place where they often have to go out the window ;-)


  5. I love that first shot. Nice lines / composition


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