Travel Theme: Noise, Take Two

By Vladimir Brezina

Independence Day fireworks, 2014.


A second contribution to Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge, Noise. The first contribution was here.

18 responses to “Travel Theme: Noise, Take Two

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  2. Looks like a Tall Ships celebration. I love tall ships AND fireworks … and this picture :-)


  3. Really action-packed photo, with great framing!!


  4. Love this. Tall Ships set alight by swashbuckling pirates; Errol Flynn to the rescue so all are saved to sail another day…..and all that!


  5. I always enjoy your photos ! Thanks for sharing.


  6. Noise that’s pretty! :-)


  7. I like this picture. So colorful.


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  9. perfect take on the theme! i can almost hear the noise :)


  10. Oh wow, that is so cool Vlad, I got butterflies in my stomach looking at it, it’s like sherbet its so fizzy! :)


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