Travel Theme: Up, Take Two

By Vladimir Brezina

Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge this week is Up. We’ve already posted one response, but here’s another one.

Looking up in NYC’s Central Park…

DSC_0120 croppedDSC_0154 croppedDSC_0211DSC_0149 cropped smallDSC_0205 cropped small

17 responses to “Travel Theme: Up, Take Two

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  2. Wonderful shots of trees!


  3. Great interpretation of “up”


  4. Your picture titled “Fall 1” is GORGEOUS!! Was that taken in early morning or late afternoon?



    Beautiful! Nice to see you both on dry ground- I was thinking about that the other day- such clarity in these shots!


  6. … you’ve made me crick my neck looking UP at those gorgeous trees :-)
    Lovely .


  7. I love trees. Some of my best friends are trees. They listen.


  8. I love these shots – some of my favorite pictures are looking up through the trees! Thanks!


  9. I need to go there again. :)


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