Travel Theme: Colorful

By Vladimir Brezina

It’s not even winter yet—even though in the US Northeast it feels otherwise—but our thoughts are already turning toward the colors of the coming summer—

Colorful 1
Colorful 2
Colorful 3
Colorful 4
Colorful 5

All photos from one of the most colorful events of the summer, the Coney Island Mermaid Parade.

A contribution to Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge, Colourful.

28 responses to “Travel Theme: Colorful

  1. Great post with interesting content^^
    Can’t wait for more!
    Best wishes, R


  2. bright colours and smiles.., love them


  3. Fabulous! I never knew there was such a thing, but it looks like fun!


  4. Now that is colorful!


  5. These pictures are really pretty… We have lived in the city for the past two years but have not made it to Coney Island! Shame on me! We will definitely catch the parade next year.


  6. Gorgeous pictures! very colourful :-)


  7. Definitely miss these colours during winter! Love the first and final shots.


  8. Nice to see on a dreary November day!


  9. Wünsche einen schönen Sonntag und einen guten Start in die neue Woche ;-)


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  11. wow. that’s a lot of colors! beautiful! :)


  12. teamwanderlustfl

    Wow, this looks so fun! Beautiful pictures! I would love to go to a Mermaid Parade.. that’s such a cool idea! :)


  13. Love it! Great photos and sounds like a fun time.


  14. A Mermaid Parade – what fun!


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