Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrasts, Take Two

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Contrasts.

Spot the kayak in these photos—

At the bottom of the food chain 1
At the bottom of the food chain 2
At the bottom of the food chain 3
At the bottom of the food chain 4
At the bottom of the food chain 5

The first set of Contrasts was here.

58 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrasts, Take Two

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  2. That’s a big Folbot in the first photo…

  3. The kayak is small in comparison to those huge vessels. A perfect contrast.

  4. What a great contrast! So, what was it like being the small fish?

  5. Nice series. I particularly like the image with the cranes.

  6. Very big and very little. Great photos!

  7. Now there is a contrast!

  8. A fun interpretation, I like the colours in the first one. The ships are so massive it makes you kayakers look extremely vulnerable. More bravery from you & Johna!

  9. Oh wow! This is truly an amazing contrast :) spotting the kayak actually brought out the difference between the sizes

  10. no kiddin huh….. like my hanglider wing next 2 a stealth bomber… lol

  11. Interesting looking tug, I guess with ships getting bigger they need to be able to see over them.

    • Many tugs in New York Harbor are like that, with high stacked towers—even then, they have pretty poor visibility over the big barge they may be pushing in front of them. We have to allow for that…

  12. perfect!…but, would be a little intimidating for me!

  13. The picture with the cranes looks like Lego!
    Whoa! Just to be near these giants daunts me! Yikes!
    Nice one though!

  14. I like the colors, but the angle of the shoe makes the contrast seem even greater – lovely.

  15. Perfect shots for the theme! How does it feel to be near those giants!? I’m curious :)

  16. Ha-Ha…the kayak is definitely dwarfed in these photos! Good take on the theme…

  17. Number 4 says it all. Wonderful and taken from a Kayak I suppose…….

  18. Love this one Vladimir!

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  21. Wow! The size differential is a bit scary! Great shots for the challenge, Vlad!

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  23. brilliant! great contrast.

  24. great idea for a contrast! you must have felt like a little lego toy beside that boat.

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