Daily Archives: December 11, 2011

Ice Skating in Central Park

By Vladimir Brezina

Ice skating on the lakes and ponds of New York City’s Central Park was popular in the 19th century. But that was a more robust time. These days, the ice that forms on these bodies of water is thin and insubstantial…

But there is the Wollman Rink! We walked past it on Saturday as the day was drawing to a close.

The lines were just a bit too long, and we too impatient (and cold!), to actually go skating on this occasion. But the skaters’ movements in the fading light did create some intriguing photos…

We’ll be back another time. At the northern end of Central Park, there is also the Lasker Rink, which is less crowded.

More photos from that day, and other New York Cityscapes, are here.