Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun, Take Two

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Sun. I’ve already posted one response, but here’s another one.

Here comes the Sun!

Sun, sun, sun, here it comes

But you never see the same sun twice…

Two successive sunrises at Amelia Island, Florida. More photos are here.

29 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun, Take Two

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  2. Those came out really well. Looks as if I could just step right into the photo. Nice.


    • It was a very inviting sunrise…


      • Sunrise? Wow, I think I have a set of photos like these (not as well done) but it’s a sunset! Oceans can turn us around like that, I suppose…


      • I was there, reasonably awake, and not too hung over. So I can say that it was very definitely a sunrise ;-)

        But seriously, same here. I have some photos of sunrises and sunsets that look identical. Sometimes there are subtle differences. Around here, at least, sunrises are often hazy (the sun is a dully glowing ball) whereas sunsets are clearer (the sun shines too brightly to look at directly even at sunset), possibly because in the first case the air is cool and in the second warm. But many other times I couldn’t tell sunrise and sunset apart.


  3. Beautiful images….like a dream…a wonderful dream.


  4. How right you are, you never see the same sun twice.
    True! Yours are pretty


  5. Wow, these are beautiful. I love all the warm golden colors on your images.


    • The exact colors are somewhat at the mercy of the camera and the monitor on which you are viewing the photos, but it was definitely a warm, almost creamy dawn, very elemental with just the broad, long beach, the ocean, and then the rising sun…


  6. total beauty and very inviting.. : )


  7. Beautiful golden glows!


  8. Wonderful! Stunning pictures. Great work.


  9. Great. Especially the picture that have someone running in the beach. I like it the most.


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