Travel Theme: Texture

By Vladimir Brezina

Ailsa‘s Travel-Themed Photo Challenge for this week is Texture.

No color… just texture!

Belize, 2010.

A second take on “Texture” is here.

27 responses to “Travel Theme: Texture

  1. The photos make me want to touch the creatures.


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  3. Nice! Lots of different textures, including the sand :-)


  4. Good one, Vlad, that top photo is particularly striking. I love looking at these guys, but they give me the shivers a little bit, I must admit ;)


  5. Nice interpretation!


  6. Nice capture of the iguana, Vladimir. The first is my favorite. =)


  7. what a gorgeous animals…stunning in every way


  8. I don’t get the shivers when I see these in color, but here in B&W… hzzzzzaaa! ;)


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  11. Love the different textures – along the spines, on the legs… Great shots!


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