Daily Archives: May 28, 2013

Bigger IS Better!

By Vladimir Brezina

As with my kayaks

DSC_0033 cropped small

My Feathercraft folding kayaks. Left to right: K-Light (1990s), K1 (2000s), Heron (2012). Increasing in overall length from 12′ 10″ (K-Light) to 17′ 7″ (Heron).

so with my cameras

DSC_0192 cropped small

My Pentax Optio waterproof cameras. Left to right: W90 (2010), WG-2 (2012), WG-3 (2013). Increasing in weight from  5.7 oz (W90, with battery and memory card) to 7.4 oz (WG-3).

I’ve noticed a progressive hypertrophy ;-)