But I Saw It on the Internet…

By Vladimir Brezina

The Internet instantaneously connects many millions of people in all parts of the world into a vast network. And just like a natural ecosystem, it can serve up unexpected storms at any moment.

Recently we experienced a minor storm.

One day, Wind Against Current began to get thousands of hits on this old picture:

Two suns over New Jersey

Over a day and a half, there were over 10,000 hits.

And they all came from a country where until then we hadn’t had many readers: Malaysia.

Johna said, “It’s an attack!” But closer inspection (for which WordPress has quite good tools) showed that all the hits came from a number of websites (such as this one) that published and republished a post that included our picture (and linked back to our blog, which was very nice of them!).

Things became clearer when we saw that many other Malaysian visitors came after searching for “2 suns” or something similar. And I had just happened to title this picture “Two suns over New Jersey”…

Some time later we received the following message from a stranger: “Your pic is making round on FB [Facebook] with Following details – “TWO SUNS AT A TIME in USA——The Miracle Has Happened Today USA And CANADA Saw Two Suns. This Is Called As Hunters Moon. Due To Change Of Orbit The Sun Sets And Moon Rises At the Same Time With Both Being Opposite To Each Other At A Particular Angle Or Degree Moon Reflects The Sun So Bright That It Almost Feel Like Another Sun…. Effects Stay For Couple Of Days…”

The stranger who sent us this message added: “LOL”. LOL indeed. Needless to say, this makes no sense whatever, and our picture just shows the sun’s rays reflected off the glass wall of a building…

But now we have some small insight into how the sausages of the Internet are made!

32 responses to “But I Saw It on the Internet…

  1. This post describes perfectly how things work today when so many people just believe anything they see on the internet. I often wonder if spending a lot of time reading and believing what you see on Facebook is really any different than spending the day watching soap operas. LOL indeed.


  2. Interesting. Good to know, though, that many have seen your beautiful photograph.


  3. It’s still a good pic. ;)


  4. How very interesting and a great example of how rumours can spread quickly using the internet. Just thinking how such a great picture could spread a totally wrong story around the world is enough to make one suspicious of lots of other pictures and captions.
    Lovely image though. You must be proud of this.

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  5. Apparently there is a branch of Buddhism that believes in multiple suns … your innocent and beautiful photo resounded in Malaysia where this cult/religion has believers… you proved to them what they believe but had never seen – amazing connection indeed.
    How about now making a picture of the ‘End of Time’..??? Cheers, V.


  6. image worthy
    of so many views :-)


  7. Strange world! Beautiful picture!


  8. LOL. You went viral and you didn’t even know it.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. haha, pretty tasty sausages. :)


  10. Funny and weird at the same time.


  11. One more view of those two suns from right here (outside Malaysia).


  12. Amazing photo and amusing story!


  13. Sometimes I think people prefer the fiction to the truth that this was just a reflection of brilliance. ;-) Either way, it’s a great photo that deserves attention.


  14. If they could only see some of your other amazing photographs!!!


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