By Vladimir Brezina

Weightless 1

On the first dive, a novice diver immediately encounters a new and astonishing feeling, one of utter weightlessness, of floating in space, gently rising by inhaling more deeply and descending by exhaling… I still remember how amazed I was by that feeling.

On our trip to Australia last August we only went snorkeling, but still were able to recapture some of that feeling…

Weightless 2(Great Barrier Reef, Australia, August 2015)

A contribution to this week’s Photo Challenge, Weight(less).

17 responses to “Weightless

  1. Johna Till Johnson

    Ha, weightless indeed! I don’t think anyone feels weightless in swim skins or neoprene :-)


  2. True weightlessness! I’ve never experienced that.


    • Johna Till Johnson

      Depends on how much insulation you’re carrying around… I was swimming on my back the other day and noticed I could float perfectly comfortably. My legs were kicking but the rest of me was lying on top of the water.. Divine sensation!

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      • Still, that’s only half of it. As soon as you dive under water, your buoyancy will try to force you back up (hopefully—if the opposite happens you are in real trouble… ;-) ). That’s why snorkeling doesn’t quite do it….


  3. This is something I haven’t done. A diver must see some amazing sights?

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  6. After clumping around in a boat with all that heavy gear on, it is a pleasure to float down through the water.


  7. pretty amazing – I’ve never been open water snorkelling. My son spent a week scuba diving at BSA’s Sea Base and we’re headed to the Middle Keys this Spring Break. I am looking forward to it. Snorkelling and kayaking at Bahia Honda is on my list. Have a great week.


    • I’ve been open-water snorkeling only once—on the Great Barrier Reef. But it was such a different—much better—experience than snorkeling off the beach. But diving is another level above yet :-)

      Have fun in the Keys!!


  8. Especially if floating in salt water, the buoyancy and feeling of weightlessness is heightened further!


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