Happy Easter!

By Johna Till Johnson

Amaryllis blooms

Yes, I know it’s just good Friday. But the new amaryllis (gift from a friend) decided to bloom today. And for some reason, every year Good Friday is sunny and warm, and Easter Sunday is cold and gray.

So I’ll take my cue from the amaryllis and wish everyone a happy Easter, even if it’s early.

Here’s to resurrection and life!

And—if Easter isn’t your thing, or even if it is—here’s to bunnies and robins and flowers and springtime and the promise of summer ahead.

14 responses to “Happy Easter!

  1. Happy Easter, Johnna!

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  2. And the same to you Johna, plus,I hope this year our luck will change and that Easter Sunday will bring forth sunshine and blue skies. (I make a point of never listening to the weather forecast – unless I’m travelling – as I like to be surprised).

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  3. Happy Easter, Johna. The amaryllis is looking good!

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  4. Easter wishes to you, Johna. May the promise of new life as colourfully epitomised by spring flowers 🌺 sprout creative petals in your endeavours.

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  5. Happy Easter, Johnna – I’ve enjoyed following you on your adventures!

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