Trip 5: Hudson River, Manhattan to Irvington, October 1999

Text and Photo by Vladimir Brezina

Autumn colors

Saturday, 30 October

Met John and Kathy at Dyckman Street. Put boats together and launched at 11:30 a.m. around the predicted beginning of flood current. Warm for late October. Fog still not burned off completely, but sun gradually appearing. At first light wind from the north, then calm.

Palisades very colorful in the thinning fog. Lunch at Alpine. Stopped at Italian Gardens (waterfall and foliage very picturesque) then crossed over to Irvington. Arrived around 4 p.m.; took out at convenient boat ramp in parking lot by the train station. Briefly saw Kathy’s show at the gallery, then Metro-North train back to New York.

(Note: It’s nice to see that Vlad sometimes went on short and sweet paddles, as well as the longer ones he was known for. And Italian Gardens site was a favored destination for us from Pier 40, though we often failed to make it that far–somehow we constantly managed to underestimate the time required!)

6 responses to “Trip 5: Hudson River, Manhattan to Irvington, October 1999

  1. This must be so wonderful to read about these old trips. The detail is amazing!

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    • Johna Till Johnson

      Yes, it’s fun! That photo is much newer–from 2010–but surprisingly almost exactly the same date. I suspect it’s close to what he saw on the Palisades…

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  2. Sure wish my fall photos had that brilliance! Maybe this year I will explore the Hudson com Autumn.

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  3. Am I reading that map correctly, that they put in from Inwood? Italian Gardens is a popular spot for ICC Turtles as well. It’s on the long side for most, but as picturesque as he makes it sound!

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    • Johna Till Johnson

      Looks like it, Julie– Vlad just writes “Dyckman St.” but the hand-drawn chart he provided seems to show that they put in on or near Innwood. And yes, it’s a long haul! Brian and I made it to Italian Gardens the other week–starting from Yonkers :-). One benefit to having a boat there is the ability to actually MAKE it to Italian Gardens when we say we will.

      Thanks for posting!


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