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Weekly Photo Challenge & Travel Theme: Beginning Full of Possibilities

By Vladimir Brezina

The first Photo Challenge of the new year is, very appropriately, Beginning, while Ailsa’s travel-themed challenge is Possibility. Great minds think alike, it seems :-)

At the beginning of each day we launch to new possibilities—

IMGP1086 cropped smallIMGP1219 cropped smallIMGP1158 cropped smallIMGP1109 cropped small

From our recent trip through the Florida Everglades.

On Limits

By Johna Till Johnson
Photos by Vladimir Brezina

IMGP5757 cropped small“Argue for your limits and they will be yours,” my kayak coach said to me one day.

The words surprised me—I hadn’t thought I was “arguing for my limits”. I was just stating the facts. Being realistic. Taking a clear-eyed look at the world and myself.

Or so I thought. But over the days and weeks (and now months and years) following, that phrase kept coming back to me.

Is it actually factual to say something like “I don’t learn visually” or “I  don’t like Brussels sprouts”?

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