Just Hanging Out in New Orleans

By Vladimir Brezina

Most architectural sculptures work hard at their jobs.

Caryatids carry things on their heads….


… atlants bow down under the weight of entire facades



… even gargoyles make themselves useful when it rains








But these guys are just hanging out, shooting the breeze…

What was the sculptor thinking? Any ideas?

34 responses to “Just Hanging Out in New Orleans

  1. The mustashioed guy on the left is there to remind men to have a prostate exam. The dude in the middle is worried he might have put off having an exam too long and the fella on the right is there to reassure him that everything will be alright, he just needs to schedule an appointment!
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  2. Very quirky, I like them. :-)

  3. Very good architectural observations.

  4. Always been fascinated by architectural photography. I would conjecture that the guy in the middle has presented a problem for discussion; the man to the left is offering a solution “on the one hand”, the bearded fellow to the right his answer “on the other hand”!

  5. Sometime when you’re on the Upper West Side, walk down 110th between Broadway & Amsterdam. About 1/2 down the block, on the north side of the street, there is a set of 8 sculptures. Like these guys, they don’t seem to serve any function – other than to make one smile!

  6. Point out no evil, think no evil, do no evil.

  7. Pretty clear to me that the two guys on either end are waiting for the middle man to say JUMP!

  8. I think it’s pretty clear that the one in the middle is having second thoughts about jumping! haha!
    love architectural sculptures, they’re pretty fascinating :)

  9. Often I’am drawing such elements of houses. I like the photos.

  10. I am reminded:- The TV Doctors is now being shown here in Ireland and yesterday included a discussion and demonstration (per Dr. Orden) of Yoga to avoid general bowel problems. How co-incidental!

  11. What a fun way at looking at some serious architectures. Love them all!

  12. hahahahaha! That’s a good question actually! I guess they are just chilling….!

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