Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Home.

On our kayak trips, we paddle past homes worth millions

IMGP5132 cropped small

as well as some that are modest, but offer incomparable views and fresh sea breezes—

IMGP5553 cropped smallHudson River near Catskill, NYIMGP3069 cropped smallBayonne Bridge, Kill van Kull, NY/NJ

Another Home post is here.

73 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

  1. That last one with the bridge, moon and nests is very nice. But it looks like some cold (and exposed) homes for them birds. (I’ll take the million dollar one, please. ;) )

  2. Wow…I think I would be kind of freaked out kayaking by all those birds. Cool photos though. : )

  3. Wow, that’s a lot of bird nests! That home in the first picture is a little small for me. ;-)

  4. Communal bird living – the kayak’s eye view is amazing!

  5. Good one V & J, really a good one. Great low-angle first shot up to the million-dollar+ hacienda.

  6. Love the birds. Just love them.:-)

  7. awesome bird nest. that’s is home.

  8. What a cool contrast of homes. Hope you are staying warm and the snow isn’t too severe. Thanks for the like on my “home” post today.

  9. Love this post
    Cormorants are beautiful birds – fishing birds.
    Thanks for sharing

  10. The cormorants! I didn’t know they nested communally.

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  12. Excellent captured for the theme – it looks like a kind of birds collective… ;-)

  13. Just goes to show that home doesn’t always have to be conventional. Love your entry :)

  14. These are beautiful and well captured for the challenge :)

  15. Precarious perching, put priceless!

  16. wawww.. Semua fotonya mantab, setiap foto punya daya tarik sendiri-sendiri.

    Sorry if I use my language, I love all of the picture.. :)

  17. I love these photos for the theme! Great choices.

  18. Lovely cormorants and I know you are both at home on the water, lovely MJ

  19. Beautiful!!!! Ans so many cormorans!!!!! (I also love the house!!!!! :) :) )

  20. Though the big question is, who is happier? The people in the big fancy home or the people paddling past in their kayaks?

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  24. That birds are fascinating!! Wonderful pics!!

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  27. Love the cormorants! I’ve never seen a nest before.

  28. absolutely marvellous!!!

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  30. Great pictures! I also didn’t know that cormorants nested communally like this. I’d much rather live in a tree with the birds than with the pompous folks who live in the first house. :D

    • Careful! ;-) You may be making an incorrect assumption there… the first house might well be occupied by a bunch of gay guys who are friends with everyone and have fabulous parties every weekend! It was Fire Island, after all (although, it must be admitted, the wrong part of Fire Island)…

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  32. wow s—o– cool. I like both homes a mansion and a tree house in my yard

  33. Cormorants are hardy birds and have an layer of fat to protect them when they dive in cold water. They are territorially aggressive and have significantly expanded their range in the past 20 years, driving out less aggressive fishers like American eagles and ospreys from New England shores. It’s all perfectly normal, not man-made and the eagles and ospreys have found other places to nest and fish … but if there’s one bird you don’t need to worry about, the cormorant is probably it. Great pictures!

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