Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections, Take Three

By Vladimir Brezina

Here’s a third response to this week’s Photo Challenge, Reflections. (Our first two responses were here and here.)

This was a particularly colorful, and reflective, sunset during our kayak circumnavigation of Long Island, NY, this past summer…

31 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections, Take Three

  1. Another great set! Thanks for sharing.


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  4. These are beautiful. Love the warm and golden colors.


  5. Johna Till Johnson

    Vlad, was that the “enchanted island” of the second night?


  6. Fantastic Sunset Reflection Photos. I really love the reflections. Thank you for sharing ;)


  7. indeed wonderful colours and reflections even after the great big fire ball went to sleep


  8. Spectacular! What color.


  9. Amazing colours and logically reflections :) !


  10. These are spectacular. They’re like, “Hey, thanks, nature. I’ll just make a note of this before you move on.”


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  12. Another set of stunning shots… finally catching up. :-)


  13. Your sunsets are amazing too!


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