Travel Theme: Delicate

By Vladimir Brezina

Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge this week is Delicate.

I wanted to come up with a Fall photo, but “Delicate” keeps suggesting Spring…

DSC_0161 cropped small

… and we do have readers in the southern hemisphere :-)

41 responses to “Travel Theme: Delicate

  1. Lovely image for the prompt…


  2. You win with a knockout entry early in the opening exchanges of round one.
    Game over – beautiful.


  3. :P
    Spring is in full swing at our side of the globe and the days become quite hot


  4. Love the light in this shot


  5. The light and shadow are absolutely beautiful. It really emphasizes the delicate petals on the flowers!


  6. Autumn or spring – that doesn’t matter. The photo is beautiful. The nature is beautiful. :)


  7. Stunning! you captured it perfectly :)


  8. love the colors on the black background…


  9. Beautiful, beeeeau-tiful shot! I love the colors, a most unusual pairing of colors. And I love the way the light is coming from the front.


    • Thanks so much!!

      (Technical point: the light was actually coming from the back, through the leaves… I do like that kind of lighting, in the late afternoon. It makes everything glow. Light from the front is often more flat, although sometimes very interesting in a different way…)


      • Lol, I know the light was coming from the back, but I wanted to shorten my phrase, and specify from where the light was coming in for you and not for the subject. But obviously I did a poor job at it, not specifying that :)

        It is a very interesting light and a little adventurous even, because it’s more difficult to work with. That’s why I liked the photo so much. I also forgot to mention that the black background creates an amazing contrast with the (not so) controversial light direction and the subject :D


  10. Stunning image for the challenge. :)


  11. It’s spring somewhere :) Lovely shot!


  12. I’m a bit late at visiting for this prompt, but I made it. Beautiful picture, Vlad.




    Delicate detailed color !


  14. This is so very pretty! Blessings to you!!


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