By Vladimir Brezina

Deep Summer Mellow—


A contribution to Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge, Mellow.

17 responses to “Mellow

  1. Nice! I can feel the sea breeze from here. :)

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  2. trade your kayak for a dinghy? that is mellow…. and relaxing. Have a great weekend. Hope you get out on the water.


  3. Looks very relaxing. What sunny weather to be outdoors :)


  4. I love this photo – what a shot. Now, I’m just hoping they have a couple of cold ones that we can’t see and that the fish are biting. Thank you for starting my day off with a huge smile. :-)


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  6. Nice summer photo Sue, blue sea, hobby and fish! :)

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  8. I love this – a person could relax by just imagining him/herself in this scene!


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  10. beautiful capture! so relaxed and peaceful! :)


  11. Love this. Can feel the soft breeze. Can smell the briny and wallow in the luxury of sheer laziness. Ah! sweet contentment.

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