Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Urban.

Two views down the street…


Other nice “Urban” interpretations:

90 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

  1. I’m not sure which I like better. The second feels more ‘urban’ to me, the other hints at too many other things. Both well done.

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  3. The first photo shows us a way to escape the urban scenes. I would take that street any time :)

  4. Wow, both excellent pictures :-)

  5. great photos you got here!
    both of them exude urban life!

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  7. summer and winter urban shots! cool!

  8. Love love love these!!

  9. Wow these are fabulous!

  10. Nice, nice ,both very nice, I especially like the first one. The power lines, the truck blocking the street and shipping lanes in the background have the feel of Urban to me.

  11. NY in snow and sun – lovely!

  12. Really cool! Nice job and thanks for the recommendation! :)

  13. I love these photos. Definitely urban.

  14. It’s very beautiful

  15. Two excellent and diverse views of the urban landscape. Well done!

  16. What a wonderful contrast between two fantastic urban scenes!

  17. Beautiful urban shots Vlad! Appreciate the pingback.

  18. Vladimir, I especially like the second photo with the snow! But like Patti, I love the contrast…the color in the first photo seems “warm” and the second cold…
    Thanks for the pingback too! :-)

    • You are right about the colors! It’s probably also because the second photo was taken as it was getting dark—and in NYC on a late winter afternoon the light can be very blue—whereas the first was taken in the middle of the day…

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  22. I like the contrast of the photos, really nice shots.

  23. These are perfect urban images!

  24. Really like how the traffic lights in the second one sort of guide your eyes into the picture…nice shots.

  25. Amazing shot ,hanks for sharing :)

  26. What a terrific winter shot with down toward the Pan Am building. (OK, MetLife building) with all the red lights, silhouettes walking and sliding about and the single cab. Wonderful!

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  28. Love your urban photos. That snow is incredible. I’ve never seen New York like that. :)

  29. I like the snowy street …

  30. very nice Manhattan with the snow !

  31. I could get vertigo looking down the street in that first shot :-) Nice ones for the challenge.

  32. I’ve been to Old San Juan. Great picture!!!

  33. Awesome shots! I have a nighttime shot of that MetLife building… TY for the pingback! :-)

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  36. Very nice. Thanks for the reference! :)

  37. don’t know where that first shot is from but LOVE the shot of Park Ave and the Pan Am (I mean, the Met Life) building in the snow.

  38. The second one is truly stunning – I would have this on my wall as a large print…

  39. Like. (Your Like button wouldn’t let me Like this post because it said I wasn’t logged on, even though I am.) Nice pics. You caught the spirit of the day.

  40. I love both photos as themselves, but the contrast is especially wonderful. The irony of the Great City brought to its knees (or to its snowshoes) —

    • It happens every winter. Of course, Park Avenue (in the second photo), in the heart of the upscale Upper East Side, is one of the first streets to be cleared of snow. The outer boroughs sometimes wait for days….

  41. Nice contrast in photos, I love both cities! Beautiful!

  42. These are gorgeous! They should be framed.

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