Travel Theme: Silhouette

By Vladimir Brezina

Ailsa‘s Travel-Themed Photo Challenge for this week is Silhouette.

She says: “It fascinates me how a silhouette; a two-dimensional outline of a person or object, can suggest a story just as clearly as if you could see the scene in its entirety. Perhaps it makes our imagination work overtime, trying to fill in the details we cannot see.”


Belize, 2010. More photos are here.

50 responses to “Travel Theme: Silhouette

  1. nice set of shots :)


  2. Great silhouette photos. :)


  3. Neat silhouettes!


  4. Love the photos Vlad :)


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  8. Beautiful light and shadow


  9. Expecially great the third and the fourth !


  10. Stand-up paddling looks like so much fun! Great photos!


  11. Well, well done! Wow!


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  13. These are fabulous pictures! I would love to go to Belize…it is on the list. I love how the water looks orange as the sun is setting. Beautiful.


    • Belize is great! This was at Glover’s Reef Atoll, quite a ways offshore from the main coastline of Belize, on an island owned by Slickrock Adventures. Highly recommended for a relaxing yet challenging week… :-)

      This was actually sunrise, not sunset… surfers like to go out early!


      • Oh cool! I will keep this secret place in mind. Maybe it would be a cool destination to go with the kids. We are waiting for them to get a little bit older but I can’t wait to show them the world!


  14. These are lovely photos, Vladimir. The people seemed to have successfully tamed the elements. ;-)


  15. Really nice – the water gives an extra element that adds such a nice contrast.


  16. I love the progression – and the gold cast on the water. These are just wonderful.


  17. liked the paddle surfers with the golden sunset


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  20. Really beautiful, Vlad, that pier shot in Belize is stunning and the paddle surfers cresting the waves are fabulous! :)


    • Thanks, Ailsa! But no comparison with your silhouettes, which are really works of art!


      • Blush. Thanks Vlad. How are you doing? I’ve been a little out of touch recently, as I’ve been travelling since the end of July and won’t get back to a home base until September, so it’s been tricky trying to keep up with everyone. Hope you guys are having fun – must get caught up on your Long Island circumnavigation soon.


        • Thanks for asking, Ailsa! Yes, lots of fun… but it’s almost September. Where did the summer go?

          We are still writing up the last days of the Long Island circumnavigation… it’s taking much longer to write it up than it was to paddle it :-)

          Bring back lots of wonderful pictures from your travels!


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  22. these are beautiful. love the way you’ve progressed as you go down and the last is my favourite…such a gorgeous moment in time caught


  23. Reblogged this on chaotiqual.


  24. Beautiful! I especially like the warmth and richness of the third photo.


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