Daily Archives: November 10, 2011

Three Paddling Photo Winners

By Vladimir Brezina

The popular paddling site Paddling.net runs a Photo of the Week contest. Over the past several months, I’ve submitted a few of my photos. Two won—

Kayaking under the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, East River, New York City

Festive paddle in New York Harbor

(see here and here on the Paddling.net site)

and one was runner-up—

Kayak swim support, Lower Bay, New York Harbor

Looking through these and other photos that won, it seems that what’s required is not so much a technically great photo, but rather a photo of a compelling paddling scene—as it should be! All three of my successful photos show paddling situations that, to most Paddling.net readers, will be a bit out of the ordinary. As it happens, they are all urban photos, taken in New York Harbor. But if ever a seal hauls up on my kayak deck, or an eagle perches on the bow, I’ll be sure to submit that photo. And you should too!